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Featured Build Video: DIY Creator’s “How to Make a Display Case”

Whether you’re a collector, or an enthusiast, or have some family heirlooms, most of us have at least one item around our house that we are proud of, and would like showcase. For Glen over at DIY Creators, its his shoes. In the video, he’ll walk you through the steps on How to Make a Display Case, one he plans on using in his closet.

I picked this video for my Featured Build, because the design of this case is so simple and elegant, but really looks like something you would find in a museum or high-end art studio. Furthermore, as is the case with all of the DIY Creator videos, the techniques and tools for this build are very accessible, even to the beginner maker. In fact, he is working on a series of videos dedicated to Limited Tools. At the time of writing this, he’s only a couple videos in, but what I like about it so far is the focus on using a small set of easily accessible tools to build tools and jigs that will help you get the most out of a modest shop.

Please, check out the DIY Creator channel, subscribe, and go through some of his video catalog. He has many builds that I wouldn’t hesitate to include as a Featured Build.

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