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Featured Build Video: Trustin Timber’s “The T Tea Chair”

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Trustin Timber’s YouTube channel, now is the time to do it. There are only a handful of videos out there, and he only releases videos once a month or so, but they are worth the wait. Additionally, it is clear he is taking his time to focus on production quality. The recorded audio is crystal-clear, and the music is very fitting to the mood of the videos. Also, there is a very clear intention with all of his shots.

Enough about the video quality, let’s look at his projects. Trustin’s projects have a heavy focus on nature, with each build incorporating natural components throughout. By using humble tools to manipulate the world around him, every video leaves me wanting for a more Walden-esque existence.

In this particular video he uses branches and driftwood to create a chair that is both beautiful, but also so subtle, that one may walk past it in the woods without even noting it.

Grab yourself a steel mug, make some coffee by the fire, sit back, and enjoy the video below. While you’re at it, subscribe to Trustin’s YouTube Channel, and make sure to ‘Like’ all of his videos.

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