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Featured Build Video: ThisOldTony’s Espresso Pot

Machined Aluminum Espresso Pot

I just stumbled across this video while watching some of my YouTube Subscriptions. It was recommended to me by those fine folk over at YouTube. I haven’t watched Tony’s other videos yet, but you better believe they’re on my playlist after watching this one.

Machining is a craft I have no experience with. I was an Engineering Intern at a Research Laboratory almost 15 years ago, and I would just hang out in the Machine Shop and watch in awe the Tool and Die Makers do their thing. It was there I first put my hands on a welding gun, actually.

Well, Tony doesn’t disappoint here. Not only is his skill in the craft apparent, but he hilarious as well. Extra credit goes out to my man for his awesome use of Optimus Prime throughout the video.

It’s a bit long as compared to my other Featured Build Videos, but well worth the time investment. Check out ThisOldTony’s channel, subscribe, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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