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Featured Build Video: Ben Brandt’s Programmable Box Joint Jig

Programmable Box Joint Jig

Lately, I’ve been focusing much of my energy on the woodworking side of Making. Wood is a versatile, forgiving medium, with a classical and timeless aesthetic. However, my history is in Computers and Electronics, and I still like to dabble in that world.

Ben Brandt has found a way to appeal to both of these interests. He has taken a Raspberry Pi 3 and some stepper motors to create a Programmable Box Joint Jig. By going to a web paged served by his Pi, he is able to configure and define the size of the boxes to be cut. He even built the jig to automatically advance after each cut.

Additionally, in a later video, he was able to show how the jig could be configured to cut boxes of variable width throughout the joint.

Having gone through the pain of trying to fine-tune box joint jigs, and the frustration of setting one up knowing that it will only work for that size joint, I am very much interested in seeing how this project turns out. Check out Ben’s YouTube Channel, websiteInstagram, and Twitter, make sure to subscribe and follow, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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