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Featured Build Video: Kyle Toth’s Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart

Kyle Toth's Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart

As a fellow wood-turner, as well as furniture maker, I am naturally attracted to the work of Kyle Toth. For those unfamiliar with his portfolio, he is likely most well known for (or at least I discovered him because of) his work with segmented bowls and vases. In addition to his turnings, Kyle has some notable furniture builds (see his Walnut and Quartz Entryway Table or his Knot Table) and some exceptionally beautiful, smaller (and still sculptural) pieces (Redwood Burl Box).

Kyle’s latest build takes a lot of the elements of some of his previous builds, while taking it in a slightly different direction from his latest videos. In his Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart video, he takes a design that could be very vanilla and plain, and spices it up with a few beautiful details, like the hand-carved gouging, and the subtle yet bold copper accents.

If you’re not already, please make sure to subscribe to Kyle Toth’s YouTube channel. Also, check out his Portfolio on his website, and hit up his Twitter, and let him know that I sent you! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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