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Featured Build Video: Kyle Toth’s Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart

Kyle Toth's Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart

As a fellow wood-turner, as well as furniture maker, I am naturally attracted to the work of Kyle Toth. For those unfamiliar with his portfolio, he is likely most well known for (or at least I discovered him because of) his work with segmented bowls and vases. In addition to his turnings, Kyle has some notable furniture builds (see his Walnut and Quartz Entryway Table or his Knot Table) and some exceptionally beautiful, smaller (and still sculptural) pieces (Redwood Burl Box).

Kyle’s latest build takes a lot of the elements of some of his previous builds, while taking it in a slightly different direction from his latest videos. In his Tuscan-Style Kitchen Cart video, he takes a design that could be very vanilla and plain, and spices it up with a few beautiful details, like the hand-carved gouging, and the subtle yet bold copper accents.

If you’re not already, please make sure to subscribe to Kyle Toth’s YouTube channel. Also, check out his Portfolio on his website, and hit up his Twitter, and let him know that I sent you! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Featured Build Video: Ben Brandt’s Programmable Box Joint Jig

Programmable Box Joint Jig

Lately, I’ve been focusing much of my energy on the woodworking side of Making. Wood is a versatile, forgiving medium, with a classical and timeless aesthetic. However, my history is in Computers and Electronics, and I still like to dabble in that world.

Ben Brandt has found a way to appeal to both of these interests. He has taken a Raspberry Pi 3 and some stepper motors to create a Programmable Box Joint Jig. By going to a web paged served by his Pi, he is able to configure and define the size of the boxes to be cut. He even built the jig to automatically advance after each cut.

Additionally, in a later video, he was able to show how the jig could be configured to cut boxes of variable width throughout the joint.

Having gone through the pain of trying to fine-tune box joint jigs, and the frustration of setting one up knowing that it will only work for that size joint, I am very much interested in seeing how this project turns out. Check out Ben’s YouTube Channel, websiteInstagram, and Twitter, make sure to subscribe and follow, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Featured Build Video: ThisOldTony’s Espresso Pot

Machined Aluminum Espresso Pot

I just stumbled across this video while watching some of my YouTube Subscriptions. It was recommended to me by those fine folk over at YouTube. I haven’t watched Tony’s other videos yet, but you better believe they’re on my playlist after watching this one.

Machining is a craft I have no experience with. I was an Engineering Intern at a Research Laboratory almost 15 years ago, and I would just hang out in the Machine Shop and watch in awe the Tool and Die Makers do their thing. It was there I first put my hands on a welding gun, actually.

Well, Tony doesn’t disappoint here. Not only is his skill in the craft apparent, but he hilarious as well. Extra credit goes out to my man for his awesome use of Optimus Prime throughout the video.

It’s a bit long as compared to my other Featured Build Videos, but well worth the time investment. Check out ThisOldTony’s channel, subscribe, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Featured Build Video: Matt Cremona’s Bandsaw Mill Build

Featured Build Video Matt Cremona Bandsaw Mill

I feel like, for my target demographic, Matt Cremona needs no introduction. As a host on the WoodTalk Podcast, and regular YouTube Content Creator, his name carries a certain gravitas without my assistance. That said, his work deserves recognition. Matt’s woodworking is beautiful, but the aspect of his work that I enjoy the most is watching him learn how to make his own lumber. Going through his YouTube video catalog is like a workshop on learning how to mill wood. From using a chainsaw mill, to making a log trailer, and now, building his own bandsaw mill.

This latest project series, at time of this posting, is still in its infancy at just over a week old. There is still a ton of work to be done in the development of the mill. However, in only 3 videos, Cremona has me hooked, anxiously awaiting the next video. I’ve included the introductory video here, but I suggest you check out his channel here, subscribe, and watch this build as it unfolds.

Also, please check out Matt’s website.

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Featured Build Video: DIY Creator’s “How to Make a Display Case”

Whether you’re a collector, or an enthusiast, or have some family heirlooms, most of us have at least one item around our house that we are proud of, and would like showcase. For Glen over at DIY Creators, its his shoes. In the video, he’ll walk you through the steps on How to Make a Display Case, one he plans on using in his closet.

I picked this video for my Featured Build, because the design of this case is so simple and elegant, but really looks like something you would find in a museum or high-end art studio. Furthermore, as is the case with all of the DIY Creator videos, the techniques and tools for this build are very accessible, even to the beginner maker. In fact, he is working on a series of videos dedicated to Limited Tools. At the time of writing this, he’s only a couple videos in, but what I like about it so far is the focus on using a small set of easily accessible tools to build tools and jigs that will help you get the most out of a modest shop.

Please, check out the DIY Creator channel, subscribe, and go through some of his video catalog. He has many builds that I wouldn’t hesitate to include as a Featured Build.

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Featured Build Video: The Von Thompson’s Shipping Container Conversion

Create a Workshop from Shipping Container

Jeremy Thompson over at The Von Thompson YouTube channel has been working on polishing up his Shipping Container build, and I’m regretting not following it from the beginning. He has incorporated a whimsical design in to two things known for being utilitarian, shipping containers, and workshops. I am still working my way through the video series, and some of his other builds, but I wanted to take a minute to call Jeremy out for the great work he is doing here. He has inspired me, and I’d like to share that with everyone. I’ve shared the first video in the series here, but I encourage you to go check out his YouTube Home Page, subscribe to his channel, and checkout the rest of the series.